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victor187Sun January 22,2017 2:54:01pmi am talking about midnight club 3 dub edition
victor187Sun January 22,2017 3:01:39pmit also has a few issues like when u log out and go to other game menus and try logging back into online servers it freezes too then gets stuck at dnas screen with same dns errors
mozTue January 24,2017 7:13:06pmwe got flat out go to ps2 online brasil
mozTue January 24,2017 7:13:13pmin facebook
Pro codThu January 26,2017 2:48:13pmPlz
Hunk91Fri January 27,2017 4:49:47am@Pro
Cod 1Fri January 27,2017 10:00:32amMy original disk call of duty 1 not running through your dns / Error 864
BretFri January 27,2017 10:42:43pmHi guys Mk Armageddon working???
Call of Duty 1Sat January 28,2017 2:05:47pmThe original call of duty 1 should work without problems. And I do not understand why he still does not work?
Hunk91Sun January 29,2017 4:45:22amAwesome! There was 23 players tonight on Star Wars Battlefront 1!
Hunk91Sun January 29,2017 7:42:03amI can't create an account for crash n burn. Can somebody help me?
RukeySun January 29,2017 7:17:49pmwhat? you're awake?
you could of joined tribes tonight
RukeySun January 29,2017 7:18:15pmoh i just saw the time
RukeySun January 29,2017 7:22:32pmtribes aa went good tonight, we never have any issues or problems connecting to each other online and it just uses a dns address and you don't ever have to use xlink kai
RukeySun January 29,2017 7:24:11pmLast i heard mka is still down, but you can always test it yourself
bobz1993Tue January 31,2017 12:13:41pmFar as I'm aware, mortal kombat is working on my dns (you'll need to patch deception to bypass dnas)
Call of duty 1Tue January 31,2017 12:46:20pmPreviously, it worked fine without cheat ......
bobz1993Wed February 01,2017 5:48:37pmDnas replacement server doesn't support deception. Armegeddon is supported.
DerpThu February 02,2017 1:18:55amDoes this server support cod fh?
bobz1993Fri February 03,2017 1:33:00pmCod fh should work no problem.
RukeyFri February 03,2017 9:23:23pm10am cst Saturday tribes
RukeyFri February 03,2017 9:23:48pmno tribes tonight, i'm too late
DerpSat February 04,2017 6:38:10pmWhenever I connect to COD:fh or most other games, I get an eror 603
DerpSat February 04,2017 6:38:18pmanyone knows what that means?
DerpSat February 04,2017 6:38:29pmor how to fix it?
Pro codMon February 06,2017 11:13:54amThanks @hunk 91
RukeyTue February 07,2017 6:55:54pmtribes was fun 0p.
RukeyTue February 07,2017 6:56:39pmSatuday, never a connection error or problem playing tribes aa online
RukeyTue February 07,2017 6:58:23pmthe bots hung the flag twice, which is rare and some of the vehicle battle were awesome.
only had one player show up, but with bots, it made it fun
RukeyTue February 07,2017 6:58:47pmvery intense hunters too
BretWed February 08,2017 10:59:40am@bobz1993 -is that something easy to do?
BretWed February 08,2017 11:11:00amI just checked Armageddon gets the same error as Deception.
CarlosWed February 08,2017 2:43:25pm@bobz1993 - Hey bobz, i'm trying to setup PAL DNAS server but i'm atuck at this, any ideas?
CarlosWed February 08,2017 2:43:37pm@bobz1993 - Wed Feb 08 17:05:44.041364 2017 authzcore:error pid 6592:tid 1912 client AH01630: client denied by server configuration: D:/Servers/dnas/eu-gw/v2.5i-connect
bobz1993Thu February 09,2017 6:56:45pm@Bret - What error were you getting? There are instructions for patching games on ps2onlinegaming.com. You'd need a "modded" system.
bobz1993Thu February 09,2017 6:57:11pm@Carlos - What is this log from?
CarlosThu February 09,2017 7:13:07pm@bobz1993 - apache2, dnas_error.log
CarlosThu February 09,2017 10:31:50pm@bobz1993 - which version of apache you used to setup US DNAS replacement?
RukeySun February 12,2017 4:11:23pmtribes today 4:30pm cst. no error or problems with tribes aa. easy ps2 online game to play
RukeySun February 12,2017 4:11:53pmif anyone wants to play a troble free ps2 online game that is
RukeySun February 12,2017 4:11:59pmtrouble
RukeySun February 12,2017 4:12:20pmfree
bobz1993Tue February 14,2017 9:28:13pm@Carlos - pretty sure I'm still using 2.2. Looks like your dns and ssl are working. Check the contents of that v2.5 file. If it's just a file name, change it to a php include
CarlosTue February 14,2017 10:55:25pm@bobz1993 - I tried this http://pasted.co/797133fa but PS2 keeps showing DNAS Error 106.
CarlosTue February 14,2017 10:57:44pm@bobz1993 - same thing with v2.5_others file http://pasted.co/858e5e15
CarlosTue February 14,2017 10:59:12pm@bobz1993 - this is what DNAS site configuration is. http://pasted.co/48ee1320
CarlosTue February 14,2017 11:02:23pm@bobz1993 - here is the site's log files http://pasted.co/3fa9aea8
CarlosTue February 14,2017 11:03:47pm@bobz1993 - Its reporting a different error now: "accesscompat:error" instead of "authzcore:error"
CarlosWed February 15,2017 12:04:47am@bobz1993 - Please, take a look at this error log: http://pastebin.com/UC7xh3EM
CarlosWed February 15,2017 1:07:15am@bobz1993 - the php include worked. Thx
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