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daps2Fri June 22,2018 2:15:17pm@Dehvee - EA won't give us the file to make a room in bf2
daps2Fri June 22,2018 2:15:24pmcan l9g in erm just can't make a room
DehveeFri June 22,2018 2:22:11pm@daps2 - how does BF2:MC compare to Area 51 and ithe latter's requirement for and original / pre-established online profile saved to memory card?
daps2Fri June 22,2018 2:27:19pm@Dehvee - jobs set up a server which allows new accounts to be made for bf2
daps2Fri June 22,2018 2:27:26pmjust connect using his dns
DehveeFri June 22,2018 2:39:41pm@daps2 - "jobs" = "Bobz" ? Believe I tried Bobz' and Cris' a number of times... So the only thing holding back BF2 is EA's permission / access to some intellectual property enabling Online play with no kind of technical obstruction other then the working project protocols with DNAS, etc. ?
daps2Fri June 22,2018 2:46:52pm@Dehvee - yeah bobz
daps2Fri June 22,2018 2:47:50pm@Dehvee - basically EA gave a company the server files to rent out- https://web.archive.org/web/20120614000530/http://www.multiplaygameservers.com:80/game-servers/bf2mc-battlefield-2-modern-combat/ that is from 2012 - and we need this dedicated server file to be able to host a game
daps2Fri June 22,2018 2:48:40pmyou can log in using dns at top of page,
browse around in the bf2mc game, just can't host a room
JohnFri June 22,2018 11:23:06pmBattleFront 2 anyone?
JohnSat June 23,2018 12:03:09amThis mattheus guy kicking my azz xD
DehveeSat June 23,2018 12:59:35am@John - SWB2 ? Think I've ran into them on CoD2 or 3... If they're one of the Jedi, Vader, etc., yeah - ran into a group recently with mad use of levitation while using the "The Force" with light saber, telekinetic choke, etc. skills.
DehveeSat June 23,2018 1:00:48am@John - and Mateus was one of them alongside CristishnX and others, IIRC.
JohnSat June 23,2018 1:09:21amYeah but i bet yall on acutall ps2?
DehveeSat June 23,2018 1:19:42am@John - Their accuracy level hinted they might not have been on PS2 but I am on stock units for now till internal mass storage and OPL are installed so maybe I can get GSM video settings to compliment HD screen input recognition. WEGA CRT for PS2 now
DehveeSat June 23,2018 1:23:57am@John - Large PS2s units equipped with OPL for my family and extended family for all Online / Netplay and XLink Kai titles is the project at hand.
JohnSat June 23,2018 1:25:24amoh wow i miss having my old fat ps2 haha ive been using pcsx2 for a while but im moving to a new set up soon with ryzen 2700x platform ive been on this old fx 6300 one for a while so hopefully itll be better. as for the actual ps2 i have one just lazy and havent ordered a new memory card xD
DehveeSat June 23,2018 1:32:13am@John - McBoot card? Otherwise, game progress and replays can be saved onto internal mass storage, IIRC. My project will enable some transportable and easy-to-hook-up fun while not putting wear and tear on the PS2s' DVD drives. The exception are the i-Link titles - they require original hardware and the optical game disc spinning as there are no emulators that support the s400 / Firewire networking nor does OPL, unfortunately.
DehveeSat June 23,2018 1:46:13am@John - Ethernet and i-Link / Firewire (s400) LAN partying will also be part of our experiences whereas s400 is strictly local networking with no way to connect over internet via something like XLink Kai does for ethernet LAN over internet.
DehveeSat June 23,2018 1:56:05am@John - }==> Some cross-generational gaming fun with ultimately a donation fund towards whatever servers / pathways we frequent.
JohnSat June 23,2018 1:58:36am@Dehvee so the s400 is it the slim models or fat models? and yes i was refering to mcboot since its the only one i have actually performed on two ps2 although they were slim models. never got to try out a fat ps2 with the internal drives always wanted too
JohnSat June 23,2018 2:06:45amoh its on the old fat ps2s i see it now o-o
DehveeSat June 23,2018 2:08:14am@John - s400 - also called i-Link by Sony - was only on earlier fat models, offering a pleasant plug-and-play LAN experience. It's a 4-pin Firewire jack next to the USB jacks on those models.
DehveeSat June 23,2018 2:28:50am@John -
Search Wikipedia AND "List of PlayStation 2 online games" and there you'll see the most accurate list of LAN and i-Link titles after scrolling down through terminated Online titles. For additional info, MobyGames - Playstation 2 unde
Miscellaneous Attributes: LAN / iLink, PS2OnlineGaming and also details for most titles and per genre via "Playstation 2 Online Consoles System Link"
JohnSat June 23,2018 2:31:50amAre the all the terminated ones still dead or is that why ilink kai exist?
DehveeSat June 23,2018 2:51:12am@John - That list was for original servers. i-Link is separate from XLink Kai, for clarification from your post... i-Link connects up to 6 PS2s, so equipped while player capacity is dependent upon title, requiring a Firewire hub for more than 2 PS2s. The LAN titles in those lists can connect over internet using the addition of XLink Kai on an intermediate PC. The resurrected Online / Netplay gaming mode opportunities are listed in the following spreadsheet shared from YT comments:
DehveeSat June 23,2018 11:54:17am@John - You see the Wikipedia list is lacking - Dance Dance Revoltion X (NTSC) being one of them for (ethernet) LAN and there may still being a missing entry or more for i-Link as well (Vampire Night seems to be debateable, for example, and needs vetted yet)
DehveeSat June 23,2018 12:11:00pmWhat is the release number of Smackdown vs Raw that's supported?
DehveeSat June 23,2018 12:16:35pmMy bad... It's SLUS 210.60
and the above spreadsheet was since updated to reflect the need for a work around... What creates the trend toward needing these workarounds / modifications - observations over the last year or two?
DehveeSat June 23,2018 12:18:55pmI would've thought that all workarounds would have been apparent around a specific date years ago. Is it just the pace of testing or is it some other aspect?
Rukey Sat June 23,2018 2:20:32pmNo feed back for tribes aa players for Sunday's game yet
JohnSat June 23,2018 5:55:16pmGot my ps2 working xD
DehveeSat June 23,2018 10:17:26pm@Rukey - IIRC, went there already some who committed to Sunday based on your earlier post? Are there those who are backing out? If so, "why?" given the spirit of the use of this technology in order to create a value proposition experience?
DehveeSat June 23,2018 10:23:50pmit's been part of my experience over the last few weeks, maybe months based on a YouTube response regarding a supposed impersonation of an established handle, that there is a player on Call of Duty 3 that goes by the name of "Islamicco" , "Soldier fortune" and I believe at least one other handle which happened to be in use by another YouTube uploader who likes to intrude upon an established, clean running session / room with their cheat codes.....
DehveeSat June 23,2018 10:28:02pm - hovering above the battlefield, enabling non-existent reload times of infinite ammo... whoever you are , if you're reading this ,
you're cutting into the return on perceived investment and value proposition offered by those who enabled your presence there and possibly the donations to the managers-collaborators of the servers of which you are consuming.... There is good cause at this point to triabgulate you in my book but it's not my pathway-proposition to manage & decide.
DehveeSat June 23,2018 10:37:28pm*** ".... ( 'Islamico', 'Soldier Fortune' , etc. ) ... there is good cause at this point to **triangulate** you in my book but it's not my pathway - (perceived value) proposition to manage and decide." .... if you could just create your own sessions and rooms with minimal player counts ceilings as well as keep your handle so parties can identify you to avoid you in your solitary experience, it would be much appreciated by everyone all around
DehveeSat June 23,2018 10:42:24pmGame On !!!!
Rukey Sun June 24,2018 4:01:09pmTribes aa in a hour and a half from now
Rukey Sun June 24,2018 4:02:13pmDon't know who's going to show up, but I'll be hosting for 2. Mu
Rukey Sun June 24,2018 4:02:24pm20 minutes
Rukey Sun June 24,2018 10:33:44pmTribes was tonight with good team work using the vehicles like the transporter
Rukey Sun June 24,2018 10:34:07pmFun tonight
Rukey Sun June 24,2018 10:34:26pmC
DehveeMon June 25,2018 5:05:06am@Rukey - Gahhh !! Missed it. How many showed vs scheduled, what maps and gameplay modes did ya'll hit up? What were those maps and modes you recommended for practice?
Do you load up any Online play to Youtube?
DehveeMon June 25,2018 5:20:12am@Rukey - This sounded like a decently intense, fun time http://www.ps2onlinegaming.com/viewtopic.php?t=2165 .... What comm.s are used in-game?
DehveeMon June 25,2018 5:35:25am@John - ~ PS2 i-Link opportunities: an often unmentioned one is Unreal Tournament (up to 4 consoles) for a feature that's infrequently offered yet makes for quite a PS2 exclusive option: use of USB mouse for look,fire/alternete fire & weapons scrolling alongside a DualShock2's analog stick for movement & shoulder buttons for jump/crouch. USB keyboard can be added as a third device for each console = tap keys with the unused DS2 grip to get direct weapon access and, IIRC, preset taunts.
DehveeMon June 25,2018 5:43:30am@John - ***** If only UT for PS2 had been released with ethernet LAN and even Online play.... I'd be playing it over other releases simply because of the controls options and being a decent enough effort for bringing what was relegated to PCs over to the console.
DehveeMon June 25,2018 5:56:25am@John - ....hm. I don't recall if it was you or daps2 who was running PAL releases / system.... UT for PS2 had Firewire networking only in the NTSC release, IIRC.
DehveeMon June 25,2018 6:11:37am@John - ... UT for PS2 keyboard might've enabled preset teammate / bot commands such as guard a position, etc. depending on whether you were looking at a specific avatar or, otherwise, the command went out to the entire team.
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