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RukeySun August 14,2016 4:03:38pmhey
RukeySun August 14,2016 4:05:12pmyou have to start flying around on tribes Lee, or you'll always suck at tribes, and go play some bot matches offline on tribes to get practice and to help out your team instead of just wondering around aimlessly
RukeySun August 14,2016 4:08:54pmmost basic thing about tribes is, is that you fly up and shoot down where players are going to land. mid air shot are great but tough
brunno77Mon August 15,2016 2:07:56amJOGOS ONLINE PS2 area 51 call of duty finest hour call of duty 2 big red one call of duty 3 delta force black hawk down
brunno77Mon August 15,2016 2:08:01amdelta force black hawk down team sabre spy vs spy sniper elite urban chaos twisted metal black metal gear solid 3 subsitence
toca 3 mortal kombat armagedoon mortal kombat decepition tony hawks pro skater 3 tony hawks pro skater 4
tony hawks underground deer hunter star wars battlefront 1 star wars battlefront 2 crash 'n' burn flatout 2 hot wheels stun track challenge midnight club 2 midnight club 3 midnight club 3 remix edition rogue trooper
77-XMon August 15,2016 12:02:07pm@brunno77 -
È o DNS usado nesse jogos
RukeyMon August 15,2016 8:45:59pmA friend and i never could connect on Deer Hunter and i don't know if urban chaos works with bobz dns, but i just tested and hosted hot wheels stunt track challenge and it worked good, i have not tested it out to see if others can join my room yet though.
brunno77Mon August 15,2016 8:49:21pmDNS do bobz
brunno77Mon August 15,2016 8:54:56pm24.104.236.98
RukeyMon August 15,2016 9:02:32pmwe did, a long time ago
RukeyMon August 15,2016 9:02:57pmDeer hunter never worked for us
RukeyMon August 15,2016 9:04:17pmI'm just happy that a game i got for a dollar and it's in VERY bad shape works and is playable online
RukeyMon August 15,2016 9:04:54pmnow i just need to find some hot wheels track challenge players
brunno77Tue August 16,2016 12:08:27am-PS2 DNS:
dmginc308Tue August 16,2016 3:55:46amwhich dns do i use for battlefield
dmginc308Tue August 16,2016 3:56:36amI'm having trouble connecting to Battlefield 2
MaickTue August 16,2016 8:09:12amBF2 Esta online ?
MaickTue August 16,2016 8:09:28amdns do bf2 ?
Puk-IradoTue August 16,2016 4:03:27pm@Maick - tente esse para BF2
Puk-IradoTue August 16,2016 4:06:45pm@Maick - mais eu acho que você pode cria conta , agora joga
acho que não
brunno77Tue August 16,2016 6:25:48pm@Puk-Irado - vc joga online ps2?
brunno77Tue August 16,2016 6:26:30pm@Maick - vc joga online ps2?
dmginc308Tue August 16,2016 9:11:18pmI get error 604 DNAS when I try to play Battlefield 2
RukeyTue August 16,2016 9:22:01pmbf2 will never be played online again...
RukeyTue August 16,2016 9:22:52pmyou will always get a error code.
if bf2 ever got back online then this chat space would blow up
RukeyTue August 16,2016 9:24:03pmyou are a idiot or a sucker and the sooner you know that bf2 is dead, online, forever, the smater you will start to be
RukeyTue August 16,2016 9:25:03pmNEVER ask if bf2 is playable online wait for someone to say hey lets go play bf2 online, its working
dmgin308Wed August 17,2016 3:41:51amwhy's that?
dmgin308Wed August 17,2016 3:54:58amI mean you're making condescending remarks but the site says it supports bf with its dns
ThatGirlTessThu August 18,2016 12:24:16pmGet bf2 for pc and download the revive patch instead ive remade all the maps from bf2mc and running them on a unranked bf2 pc server its easier ps2 version will never be playable again...
Puk-DjanThu August 18,2016 12:33:47pm@ThatGirlTess -
you play the PC version of bf2 with PS2 bf2mc maps ??
Puk-DjanThu August 18,2016 12:34:37pm@ThatGirlTess - so put on your channel how to do this
Puk-DjanThu August 18,2016 12:34:49pm@ThatGirlTess - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA/videos
ThatGirlTessFri August 19,2016 8:08:00am@Puk-Djan - You dont have to do anything special just buy the pc version of the game from any game store or online download the revive patch from bf2 revive create an account sign in look for my server Panzershlacht in the unranked game section join it and wait for the game to download the maps and you are done!
ThatGirlTessFri August 19,2016 8:11:45amjust keep in mind that these maps are not official they are remakes of the original they are glitchy and dont look like the original since some building may be off or replaced have fun finding players is the hard part nowadays...
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 4:08:08pm@ThatGirlTess - I found your server because you do not make a video explaining to do
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 4:09:21pm@ThatGirlTess - I bf2 version PC and online game just did not find your server
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 4:09:41pmhttps://battlelog.co/?act=logoff
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 8:31:53pm@ThatGirlTess - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 8:32:09pmhttps://www.youtube.com/channel/UCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 8:32:32pmwww.youtube.com/channel/UCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA
Puk-DjanFri August 19,2016 8:32:47pmUCe2lbCKA-SzkC7lWemEwA
BRAZUKA BACKSTAB Sat August 20,2016 10:04:38am@ThatGirlTess - how you do it
TriumphSat August 20,2016 9:00:35pmDoes anyone know if Midnight Club 3 is online using Bobz DNS?
BRAZUKA BACKSTABSun August 21,2016 9:15:41pm@ThatGirlTess - LAYING ROOM IP
Q-LevySun August 21,2016 10:16:36pmyo anyone gettin on t1 tmo during the afternoon and/or evening?
Icedragon420Tue August 23,2016 2:55:42pmRukey > THE WAY YOU ASORT YOURSELF IS DISGUSTING!!! YOU MAKE DOWNRIGHT CONDESCENDING REMARKS TO PEOPLE WHO ARE JUST LOOKING TO CHAT & PLAY A GAME OR EVEN GET INFO IF THEY NEED. Rukey you are a BULLY & NUISANCE to the sites chat forum you act like you own the F U C K I N G SERVER just because It supports multiplayer for TRIBES!!! it's a FREE COUNTRY so buzz off!!! Your Not Gonna Keep Me From Doing What i Love Most Gaming. So how about you go find a group of 5-year-olds to play hot wheels with
jamaicanguyTue August 23,2016 9:49:18pmwhen will the owner be back
BretWed August 24,2016 6:09:25pmOn mk D now.
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