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It is Wed December 13,2017 11:07 pm


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Update 9/10/10:
Because I have upgraded the server the way I did, BobzScape is going back into production stages =D
You will have to register on the forums to use it once I finish enough to put it out.
Until then I will have the original version online. It is an epic piece of shit lol I dunno how it became so great back then...
I will leave this page updated with info on my progress.
Enjoy don't complain about lagg :D (I doubt it will lagg at this point but I've always had that at the bottom of the welcome message...)

2006 server is online

School has been getting in the way... I have recreated some commands and menus/interfaces.

Found old npc spawn file on old backup cd. (Approx. RuneScape 317 NPC placements.)

Basics of 2008 source recreated.