Calling all FreQs! Amplitude Back Online!

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Calling all FreQs! Amplitude Back Online!

Postby FreddY » July 31st, 2011, 9:45 am


(Network Service Terminated as of August 31, 2012)


After a little tweaking by myself, Amplitude for PS2 is now back online via ZanQuance's original method! Now hosted on a 24/7 DNS server thanks to Bobz of!

Here are some images of me accessing Amplitude online:

(US Central lobby, everyone else on the player list are SOCOM players)

(Hosting game lobby/launch pad)

In order to play online, just set your Primary DNS Server in your PS2 Network Configuration to:
(24/7 DNS server hosted by Bobz of; As a bonus, this DNS configuration will also allow you to play any of the Tony Hawk PS2 games, Battlefield 2: Modern Combat (Account Creation), Tribes: Aerial Assault, All-Star Baseball 2005, Blitz: The League, NBA Ballers, NBA Ballers: Phenom, MLB SlugFest: Loaded, Mortal Kombat: Deception, Mortal Kombat: Armageddon, Deer Hunter and Risk: Global Domination online as they, too, are hosted by Bobz)

If you have this game and would like to schedule a time to play, reply to this thread or schedule a game day over at

Amplitude, as most of you know is the sequel to Frequency. It's a pretty unique game, especially online, so hopefully we can get some community games going for it. For those that don't own it, it's relatively easy to find online and only $0.99 used at GameStop, so give it a shot.

See you online!

Special thanks to ZanQuance of for providing the original hosting method and to Bobz of for hosting Amplitude 24/7.
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