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It is Fri November 24,2017 8:40 pm


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AJ BRSun September 24,2017 7:52:44pmQual DNS atualizada?
Bret Mon September 25,2017 2:43:36pmHey everyone Im back online with Armageddon! @Bobz1993 you were right its the premium disc does not work, I got the regular disc today and im on. Thank you!
DJPlaeMon September 25,2017 9:34:51pmis there a way to play MKecption on this sever?
BretTue September 26,2017 12:38:26amYeah you can after patching the game and playing on usb, burned disc, or hard drive with free mcboot
Hunk91Tue September 26,2017 12:38:32am@DJPlae - hi! You need to patch it as this game was not submited during the dnas collecting phase
BretTue September 26,2017 12:39:21amLoving the online again, curious what about people that never had a mortal Kombat gamertag to use now?
RukeyWed September 27,2017 8:34:25pm@Bret - they got to make one up and its tricky if you don't know what you're doing
RukeyWed September 27,2017 8:34:32pmat first
RukeyWed September 27,2017 8:34:46pm@Bret -
go get tribes aa
MonkumaWed September 27,2017 11:46:56pmhi what games can i play with this D.N.S?
Unknown SoldierThu September 28,2017 1:50:48pmHi there. Call of Duty 3 game Session is up, playing everyday in this week. Need some players. This is a NTSC version of C.o.D 3.
Unknown SoldierThu September 28,2017 1:52:29pm@Monkuma - Hi! For example Call of Duty 3 online, Mortal kombat Armageddon, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 , etc, some more games. More game will support by this DNS later. (maybe)
RukeySun October 01,2017 7:34:00pmtribes aa works on bobs too, but tribes is a ntsc game only
RukeySun October 01,2017 7:34:38pmwhen there's few people on tribes you can add bots to fill up the room and i don't think you can do that on cod
Hunk91Sat October 07,2017 8:24:06amMKD anyone ?
GabrielfaadSun October 08,2017 2:51:05amAnyboody in CoD 3?
Hunk91Mon October 09,2017 3:07:12pmMortal Kombat Armageddon anyone? I'm online !
biel14042Sat October 14,2017 11:09:38pmpeople play MKD and MKA in dis or usb????
biel14042Sat October 14,2017 11:09:50pm*disc
Hunk91Wed October 18,2017 2:58:03pmI'm playing Mkd riche now
CWed October 18,2017 8:10:07pmβ–Ά πŸ”˜β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€β”€ 00:45
XAMATERASUXWed October 25,2017 8:40:19pmsomeboy playing now ?
XAMATERASUXWed October 25,2017 8:47:58pm#somebody
β–Ά πŸ”˜β”€Thu October 26,2017 3:38:06pm00:12
β–Ά πŸ”˜β”€β”€Thu October 26,2017 3:38:23pm@β–Ά πŸ”˜β”€ -
biel1404Fri October 27,2017 1:58:15pmMy mkd haverΓ‘ a connection error
biel1404Fri October 27,2017 1:58:37pm*have
biel14042Sun October 29,2017 10:56:55amI'm playing mkd, anyone wants play online with me?
biel14042Sun October 29,2017 10:57:53amRoom 2 advanced
biel14042Sun October 29,2017 10:58:26amCristian dns
EthanSun October 29,2017 10:09:17pmHi guys
EthanSun October 29,2017 10:09:27pmI am on cod 3
BretMon October 30,2017 2:44:37pmHi, I made and tested a patched copy for a old friend, but it doesn't pass the DNAS check on his PS2 but does on mine any idea why? Thanks
BretMon October 30,2017 2:46:46pmA copy of MK Deception sorry, I made him a patched backup for online and sent him free mcboot, all works except the copy passes DNAS in my PS2 and not his.
BretMon October 30,2017 2:48:08pmbiel14042, I'll play you whenever you are available awesome.
xamaterasuxSun November 05,2017 9:59:25ammidnight club 3 not work ?
JamJarSun November 05,2017 10:31:02ammidnight club works for me
xamaterasuxSun November 05,2017 10:42:43amI can not log in with the pass password! could you help me and tell me how?
UuyTue November 07,2017 3:01:08pmI
JSOFTTue November 07,2017 8:44:06pmmidnight 3 edition dub editing remix is ​​working online?
w rebelWed November 08,2017 3:38:07pmi'm tryed with Mdc dub ed remix and stuck at DNAS
w rebelWed November 08,2017 3:39:09pmi m try with mdc dub ed remix and stuck at DNAS
.Any...Fri November 10,2017 12:15:51pmTou com call of duty nΓ£o passa da dns
.Any...Fri November 10,2017 12:16:37pmHoje tera campeonato no Crash n burn mais os br que pofr participar
Sn!per_CroSun November 12,2017 4:19:12pmFor game Sniper Elite v1 ..
After approximately 4 or 5 folders, the server knows to be,down..errors.. And in the game sometimes come nick..
who runs the servers..
If you can do it, hello
sniper elite v1Tue November 14,2017 3:41:00pmHi. Can you check sniper elite v1
server please. There is an error in server. When you create server online, other players can't see you.... and if someone see, can't join in...
sniper elite v1Tue November 14,2017 3:44:14pmalso when you check game status here ,http://www.bobzent.info/osstatusget.php?game=sniperelpc
you all the time see servers
who not exist.... and you can't see your own server...
DuddiWed November 15,2017 4:43:00pmDoes this still work?
BretFri November 17,2017 2:26:14pmHey everyone, anyone wanna play Deception or Armageddon online?
SNIPER ELITE V1Fri November 17,2017 3:56:50pmyES Duddi work
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