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GonzThu September 07,2017 4:36:34pm@H - hola
GonzThu September 07,2017 4:37:17pmUnase a call of duty 3
jhghg[[Fri September 08,2017 3:16:00pm

Hunk91Sat September 16,2017 9:03:27amAnybody wants to play mortal kombat Armageddon or Deception right now?
RukeySat September 16,2017 3:58:44pmyou should join tribes again hunk or i s hould host a early Saturday game again so you can make it or stay up late for a change and join for a game or two at 10:30pm your time on Sunday for a game
Zeref9thSun September 17,2017 9:56:00amBF2 MC is working ?
NBTCTue September 19,2017 12:02:39am@Zeref9th - its not
BretThu September 21,2017 1:20:56amIs Deception and Armageddon working again?
BretThu September 21,2017 1:36:09amOr you guys playing the old Mortal Kombat games on modded ps2's?
hUnk91Thu September 21,2017 5:25:34am@Bret Hi, Only Decption need to be patched (and of course having a modded or softmodded PS2 to be played). Armageddon is playable online, but for some reason I can't make it working online with BObz DNS. Ony with Cristihanx DNS. By the way here is a Discord group if you want to schedule MK games / https://discord.gg/ekYX5aa
BretFri September 22,2017 6:09:35pmOh what is the DNS for Armageddon!?! The one that person has that works?
bobz1993Fri September 22,2017 7:29:42pm@Bret - not sure if hunk is talking about NTSC or PAL. I was having issues with PAL recently, but that should all be working now. On the other hand I played Armageddon NTSC about 2 weeks ago no problem. Christians DNS should work all the same aside that he's got a working login server somehow.
bobz1993Fri September 22,2017 7:31:09pmAFAIK, cristians DNS still points to openspy like mine, so you should be able to play with people even if they use the one you're not.
Bret Fri September 22,2017 7:35:55pmOh ok,(NTSC) Im trying all the different dns I am seeing no luck on armageddon yet. But I read maybe it wont work on my premium edition, I may need the regular version disc.
bobz1993Fri September 22,2017 7:39:20pmI've had concerns about that, but no one confirmed it yet. Premium must have a different disc is meaning it won't work with the dnas clone. I can attempt to look into it, but it need tour help testing as I don't have premium. What you can do is try going on with my DNS at the top of this page, let me know the time you do and I can check my server logs
Bret Fri September 22,2017 9:21:40pmOh ok I attempted to connect to your DNS on the premium disc right before I hit send on this message.
Bret Fri September 22,2017 9:28:28pmTried to connect at 9:21 pm lol
Hunk91 Sat September 23,2017 3:52:34am@Bret Premium version of Mka doesn't work. Only Normal version is still playable online.
Hunk91Sat September 23,2017 5:13:03am@bobz1993 - Hi Bobz, I have problem with the login and your DNS on MKA. I type any login name (for exemple Johndoe) and for the password I type : PASS but I have a reed screen telling mz that the server is not responding....
bobz1993Sat September 23,2017 10:47:02ambut are you PAL or NTSC? I can't remember.. PAL uses different files
Hunk91 Sat September 23,2017 5:13:50pm@bobz1993 - well, I'm both lol! I have a Pal console and I have free Mcboot son I candidature play NTSC games. I have MKA NTSC version. ;-)
Hunk91 Sat September 23,2017 5:15:31pmSorry I typed my message from my phone. Sorry for the typos in my previous message
bobz1993Sat September 23,2017 5:37:20pmin that case you should be good to go. that's how I played 2 weeks ago. NTSC password was PASS. worked great. deception was desyncing on us, so we tried armageddon and it worked great
Bret Sat September 23,2017 10:10:33pmAwesome, so got MKA (regular version) coming monday, mcboot coming friday and patching my games when Armageddon arrives. See youonline soon
Hunk91Sun September 24,2017 5:28:45am@bobz1993 - could it be a port forward problem on my side ? Which port should I open on my router ?
Unknown SoldierSun September 24,2017 8:41:08amHi there! I have opened a session for playing. There is a Call of Duty 3. Join and play! )
Unknown SoldierSun September 24,2017 8:48:05amOr playing with Call of Duty 2: Big Red One?
AJ BRSun September 24,2017 7:50:56pmJogar COD 2?
AJ BRSun September 24,2017 7:51:05pmBoa noite a todos
AJ BRSun September 24,2017 7:52:44pmQual DNS atualizada?
Bret Mon September 25,2017 2:43:36pmHey everyone Im back online with Armageddon! @Bobz1993 you were right its the premium disc does not work, I got the regular disc today and im on. Thank you!
DJPlaeMon September 25,2017 9:34:51pmis there a way to play MKecption on this sever?
BretTue September 26,2017 12:38:26amYeah you can after patching the game and playing on usb, burned disc, or hard drive with free mcboot
Hunk91Tue September 26,2017 12:38:32am@DJPlae - hi! You need to patch it as this game was not submited during the dnas collecting phase
BretTue September 26,2017 12:39:21amLoving the online again, curious what about people that never had a mortal Kombat gamertag to use now?
RukeyWed September 27,2017 8:34:25pm@Bret - they got to make one up and its tricky if you don't know what you're doing
RukeyWed September 27,2017 8:34:32pmat first
RukeyWed September 27,2017 8:34:46pm@Bret -
go get tribes aa
MonkumaWed September 27,2017 11:46:56pmhi what games can i play with this D.N.S?
Unknown SoldierThu September 28,2017 1:50:48pmHi there. Call of Duty 3 game Session is up, playing everyday in this week. Need some players. This is a NTSC version of C.o.D 3.
Unknown SoldierThu September 28,2017 1:52:29pm@Monkuma - Hi! For example Call of Duty 3 online, Mortal kombat Armageddon, Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4 , etc, some more games. More game will support by this DNS later. (maybe)
RukeySun October 01,2017 7:34:00pmtribes aa works on bobs too, but tribes is a ntsc game only
RukeySun October 01,2017 7:34:38pmwhen there's few people on tribes you can add bots to fill up the room and i don't think you can do that on cod
Hunk91Sat October 07,2017 8:24:06amMKD anyone ?
GabrielfaadSun October 08,2017 2:51:05amAnyboody in CoD 3?
Hunk91Mon October 09,2017 3:07:12pmMortal Kombat Armageddon anyone? I'm online !
biel14042Sat October 14,2017 11:09:38pmpeople play MKD and MKA in dis or usb????
biel14042Sat October 14,2017 11:09:50pm*disc
Hunk91Wed October 18,2017 2:58:03pmI'm playing Mkd riche now
CWed October 18,2017 8:10:07pm▶ 🔘──────── 00:45
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